A new approach to mental health in aviation

Right now, air travel is fundamental to our way of life - a majority of American adults plan to travel by plane in the next year. But despite their demanding roles, our pilots are not getting the support they need from the public. 

Currently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) views mental health treatment - including common medications and talk therapy - as a safety risk factor, and it penalizes pilots who seek or receive support.

More than half of all aviators report some form of healthcare avoidance behavior out of fear of losing their medical certificate. These policies endanger pilots, and they should be reformed according to modern clinical standards.

Modernizing a broken system

The Pilot Mental Health Campaign’s goal is to move the aeromedical system into the 21st century. PMHC actively collaborates with aviation industry stakeholders, medical professionals, and advocacy groups. We mobilize grassroots support, lobby at the Congressional level, and facilitate innovative policy recommendations to the FAA.

We also educate reporters and connect them to key stakeholders in this space, and provide accurate resources to increase the public’s understanding of this issue.

Join the movement

Pilots and the flying public deserve better - and we need your help! With your support, we can break down barriers, challenge stigmas, and change how the aviation industry treats pilot mental health for future generations.

We aim to create an environment where pilots are free to seek the care they need, without penalty or stigma. 

  • Advance critical solutions to expand pilots’ access to mental health care. 
  • Advocate for legislation that prioritizes the safety of pilots and passengers
  • Foster a culture of health and wellbeing throughout aviation.