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EASA Mental Health for Aviaiton Safety (MESAFE) Project

Substance Misuse Programs in Commercial Aviation: Safety First

This comprehensive report from the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine evaluated the FAA HIMS program for substance abuse and submitted recommendations for improvement. Recommendations included:

  • Ensure policies reflect evidence-based practices for screening and care
  • Remove barriers that prevent pilots and flight attendants from receiving early intervention
  • Provide clear criteria for treatment settings and pathways based on established medical science
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Bowtie Analysis of Pilot Depression and Barrier-Based Risk Management

...the current structure achieves system-level safety at the expense of pilot well-being and productivity...

Recommendations included establishing a top-level initiative to de-stigmatize mental health in the aviation industry; strengthen operational resources available to FAA behavioral health staff; expand research related to pilot health care avoidance behavior and the safety risks potentially associated with pilots' mental health conditions.

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Healthcare Avoidance in Aircraft Pilots Due to Concern for Aeromedical Certificate Loss: A Survey of 3765 Pilots


of pilots reported a history of healthcare avoidance behavior


of pilots sought informal medical care


of pilots misrepresented or withheld information for fear of aeromedical certificate loss

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Pilots’ Healthcare Seeking Anxiety When Experiencing Chest Pain


of pilots reported feeling worried about seeking medical care due to concern for their career

Other findings include that 60% of pilots had delayed or foregone medical care, and that pilots were less likely than non-pilots to seek care for sudden chest pain.

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Healthcare related aversion and care seeking patterns of female aviators in the United States


of female pilots have experienced healthcare aversion compared with 27.5% of non-pilots


of female pilots have withheld information from a physician


of female pilots have delayed or avoided medical care due to concern over their aeromedical status

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Airplane pilot mental health and suicidal thoughts: a cross-sectional descriptive study via anonymous web-based survey


of airline pilots meet the depression threshold


of pilots report having suicidal thoughts

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