Join the Movement: Volunteer with PMHC to Safeguard Pilots and Skies

Passionate about aviation safety? Concerned about the mental well-being of pilots? Here's your chance to make a tangible difference. The Pilot Mental Health Campaign (PMHC) is actively recruiting volunteers to help us lobby Congress and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for better, more compassionate mental health policies for pilots.

Why Volunteer?

Current FAA regulations on mental health create a disincentive for pilots to seek help for fear of jeopardizing their careers. PMHC aims to change that, but we can't do it without community support. As a PMHC volunteer, you're not just an advocate; you're a change-maker.

How to Get Involved:

  • Advocacy & Lobbying: Assist in reaching out to Congress and the FAA, including writing letters, sending emails, and advocating for policy change.
  • Social Media Amplification: Help us spread the message far and wide by managing or contributing to our social media channels.
  • Event Management: Organize, manage, or attend rallies, workshops, and informational sessions to raise awareness about PMHC.
  • Fundraising: Contribute to raising much-needed funds that will directly impact our advocacy efforts. Coordinate with corporate sponsors, or organize grassroots fundraising campaigns.
  • Specialized Skills: If you're a professional in law, healthcare, or aviation, we need your expert input in shaping a better future for pilots.

Will you volunteer?