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Steven Harrington
Steven Harrington, MD

Dr. Steve Harrington is a private pilot and cardiothoracic surgeon. Besides personal recreational flying, he is also a reserve deputy for his local county sheriff department, with missions involving air surveillance, search and rescue, and combined operations with both state and federal agencies such as Homeland Security and Customs and Border Patrol.

Although no longer active in clinical practice, where he was a leader in the development of robotic surgery, he remains engaged in academic research and consultative roles. Given his medical knowledge, he is equipped with important insight into pilot aeromedical issues and aviation safety. Recognizing the comparisons between medicine and flying, his experiences in aviation led him to develop a unique passion with his research involving the application of Human Factors, its roles in the study of aviation accidents, accident evaluation, and the development of the principles of Crew Resource and Risk Management.

Today, Dr. Harrington spends his time applying these insights in his current consultative roles in medical/surgical program development, quality, safety, and peer review. Additionally, from his participation within the academic community he has helped author several medical journal articles related to teamwork, human factors, process, and quality improvement.

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