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Emma Laczko
Emma Laczko

Emma Laczko is a second-generation pilot and advocate for aeromedical reform. Following the loss of her pilot father and uncle in 2017, she embarked on her own aviation journey. In 2021, she established the Pilots Pandemic Podcast and Petition which delves into pilot healthcare challenges and combats the mental health stigma in aviation.

Over the past three years, Emma has engaged aviation experts, medical professionals, and affected pilot families, shedding light on the FAA's aeromedical policies. Her podcast and story have garnered attention from several media platforms, including The Washington Post, AOPA, NBAA, AVweb, EAA Radio, and the 21.Five podcast. These conversations have given her a wealth of insight about the barriers pilots face when disclosing mental health issues and the arduous process to receive a special issuance medical clearance.

Emma lives in Charleston, SC and is working to receive her equine therapeutic riding certification.

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