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Brendan Keegan
Brendan Keegan, Esq.

As both a pilot at a legacy airline and an attorney, Brendan Keegan knows firsthand the safety risk that healthcare avoidance behavior poses to the aviation industry. He has served as an instructor in both general aviation and airline operations for a broad array of students, from CFI candidates to airline pilots with more than thirty years of experience. Though aviation is his primary occupation, Brendon also practices law with experience in alcohol-related criminal prosecution and commercial litigation. Merging these dual professions, he has served as an advisor to airlines, trade unions, and individuals in the aeromedical process. He is published on the topic of mental health reform in aviation.

While in law school, Brendan discovered a passion for legislation and administrative regulation. Seeking to combine these interests with his career as a pilot, he joined PMHC's board and serves as the PMHC Staff Attorney for Policy, helping define strategy, promote legislation, and shape language for future aeromedical regulations. When he is not flying or working as an attorney, Brendan is either teaching scuba diving in South Florida or refining his skills on one of the several musical instruments he plays.


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