“As a professional pilot, I had finally reached the point in my career where I could begin building my family. My first child was born as the world began to shut down during the pandemic. I developed postpartum anxiety and depression that went untreated for fear of loosing my job. I finally got help nearly 2 years later before my second child was born, but by then things had developed into plain old anxiety and depression. I have never needed medication, but had I not feared repercussions, I would not be in the situation I’m in now. Not to mention the husband who has undiagnosed anxiety, but is too afraid to seek help for fear of being placed on leave and not being able to reinstate his medical. ”

-Anonymous Major Airline Pilot 

“As a professional airline pilot, I have to choose between treating mental illness, and supporting my family. I have many peers that don’t disclose conditions and treatment for fear of being unable to support their family.”

-James, Airline Pilot

"I never thought it was this bad. If I had known how many hoops I was going to have to jump through to follow my aviation passion, I'm not sure I would have done it. And this is just for an ADHD diagnosis in my teens, I don't even take meds or have symptoms anymore."

-Brandon, NE

"A friend recommended a psychiatrist who was well known in the community. I went without hesitation, willing to try anything that would bring back the light. I was completely clueless at the time on how that would impact my desire to be an aviator. If I had known what I know now, I would have chosen differently. "

-Anonymous, TX

"The things we hear about. I know a pilot whose wife has a Zoloft prescription (it's his). I've heard of a guy who got his dog on Prozac (it's his). We hear of people using every substance you can think of to try and self-medicate. The one thing they won't ever do is seek help in their name."

-Anonymous flight instructor, AZ