Academic Research

Studies and other scientific research

Unfortunately, there is not a broad base of scientific evidence justifying the FAA's current mental health policies. In fact, many of them are not based on modern clinical standards. However, the scientific community has made recent strides in gathering data about pilot healthcare avoidance, depression prevalence and much more. 


Journalism in print, television and more

The FAA's policies on mental health have been upending pilots' lives for decades, but media reports have historically been sparse. As societal stigma around mental health slowly shifts in a positive direction, traditional and new media sources are catching up. 

Get Help

Pilots don't need to suffer in silence

There's never any shame in asking for help. This moment will pass. It does get better. Though it might not seem like it now, we're in an exciting time for aeromedicine, reform is just around the corner. Click above for some resources that can help you now.