About PMHC: Where Advocacy Takes Flight

Who We Are:

The Pilot Mental Health Campaign (PMHC) is a non-partisan, grassroots organization committed to advocating for legislative change in how mental health issues are handled within the aviation industry. Founded by a coalition of aviators, healthcare professionals, and policy experts, we strive to create an environment where pilots can seek help without fear of professional repercussions.

Our Mission:

To reform FAA regulations concerning mental health and establish a culture within the aviation industry that places a higher emphasis on the well-being and safety of its pilots, while enhancing overall flight safety.

The Problem:

Current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations require pilots to meet stringent mental health criteria. While initially well-intentioned, these policies have inadvertently stigmatized mental health treatment within the aviation community. Fear of career-ending consequences often discourages pilots from seeking the help they need, posing risks to both themselves and the public.

Our Strategy:

  • Legislative Lobbying: Mobilize grassroots support to push for changes at the Congressional level, directly influencing the regulations set forth by the FAA.
  • Public Awareness: Leverage media and public events to educate the general populace about the urgent need for reform.
  • Stakeholder Partnerships: Collaborate with airlines, pilot unions, and healthcare organizations to build a broad coalition of support.
  • Data-Driven Advocacy: Utilize industry statistics and academic research to bolster our case for policy change.

Our Impact:

We've successfully garnered the support of multiple Congressional members, initiated public dialogues through national media outlets, and built a rapidly-growing network of volunteers and donors committed to our cause.